Last Updated : 11-06-2020

Directorate of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (DJSS)

The Directorate of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (DJSS), which is a sub-ordinate office of MSDE, is assigned responsibility of monitoring and supervision of the JSS Scheme. DJSSs implements JSS Scheme through the network of Jan Shikhan Sansthans NGOs. Directorate of Jan Shikshan Sansthan (DJSS) is headed by Director, DJSS.

The roles and responsibilities of the DJSS are as follows:

  • Approval of Annual Action Plan of JSSs
  • Recommendation for Release of Grants to JSSs
  • Facilitating and coordinating technical support services
  • Supervision and Monitoring the performance of JSSs
  • Facilitating and ensuring evaluation of JSSs
  • Training and orientation to the programme/administrative staff
  • Periodical visits
  • Clearing house services
  • Providing guidance to the members of Board of Management/Executive Committee and programme/administrative staff
  • Conducting Half yearly /Annual review meetings
  • Development of Curriculum
  • Coordination with NSTI, NSDC and NSDA
  • Publicity and Media
  • Organization of national level meetings/workshops/seminars
  • Undertake other activities / programmes which are necessary for promotion of objectives of the scheme and goals of Skill India

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