Last Updated : 22-11-2022

Initiatives in the North East and LWE Regions

Skill Development in 48 Districts Affected by Left Wing Extremism (LWE)

The scheme envisages creation of Skill Development infrastructure closer to the people of left wing extremism (LWE) affected districts. The scheme covers 48 LWE Districts in 10 States. The cost of the scheme is Rs 401.28 crore with duration of implementation upto 31 March 2024.

The scheme interalia, envisages creation of infrastructure for 48 Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) @ one ITI per district in 47 districts of 10 States and Creation of infrastructure for 68 Skill Development Centers (SDCs) @ 2 SDCs per districts in 34 districts of 9 States. Establishment of SDCs in added 13 districts in the revised scheme has not been taken up. So far, Rs. 298.38 crore (Rs. 227.47 crore as central share) out of total allocation of Rs.399.47 crore has been released to 10 states under the scheme.

The state wise details of districts covered under the scheme ÔÇ£Skill Development in 47 Districts Affected by Left Wing ExtremismÔÇØ are given in Table:pdfDownload

Enhancing Skill Development Infrastructure in North Eastern States (ESDI)

The scheme envisages to enhance the existing infrastructure of skill development in North Eastern States. The scheme is aimed for:

  • Upgradation of 22 ITIs by introducing three new trades per ITI with 100% Central funding;
  • Supplementing infrastructure deficiencies in 28 ITIs by constructing new hostel, boundary wall and supplementing old and obsolete tools and equipment with 100% Central funding; and
  • Establishment of 34 new ITIs in 8 North Eastern States with 90% Central and 10% State funding.
  • SPMU :-Under this component, there is a provision for funding to the state and central project monitoring unit with 100% central funding.
  • Financial Aid to Mamit ITI, Mizoram.

    The duration of the scheme is upto 31st March, 2024. So far Rs. 283.02 crore (Rs. 261.82 Crore as Central Share and Rs. 21.21 Crore as State Share) out of total allocation of Rs. 421.64 crore (including Rs. 32.53 Crore as State Share) has been released to eight States of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura & Sikkim.

    Details of Fund Allocation, Released and UC Received under the Scheme "Enhancing Skill Development Infrastructure in NE States" pdfDownload